Why You Might See More Applebee’s Drive-Thrus Soon

Why You Might See More Applebee’s Drive-Thrus Soon

See Applebee’s Drive-Thrus Soon: What’s the difference between fast food and eating at a restaurant for fun? Some people might say range, others might say food quality, and still others might say prices.

Why You Might See More Applebee's Drive-Thrus Soon

Even though all of these are correct, there is one answer that stands out: the experience. Take McDonald’s and Applebee’s as two examples.

Both restaurants have places to sit down and eat, but unlike Applebee’s, workers at McDonald’s won’t take your order while you’re in your seat.

Fast food chains are all about speed and ease, but places like Applebee’s try to have a more “laid-back” vibe.

Don’t underestimate the value of Applebee’s menu prices when searching for an affordable meal option.

But casual dining restaurants have slowly started to adopt a drive-thru approach, but not in the way that you can pull up to an Olive Garden window and order a basket of breadsticks like you would a Big Mac at McDonald’s.

Instead, this system forces customers to order food online or through an app, then drive to the restaurant to pick up their order from their car.

It’s the same kind of quick service as a regular drive-thru, but you don’t have to wait in line or listen to menu boards or speakers.

CNN says that Applebee’s is moving toward this model more and more lately. Why did customer service suddenly change?

The pandemic forced Applebee’s to change things up

When the COVID-19 pandemic started in the US, many businesses had to close their dining rooms and find other ways to serve customers.

The pandemic forced Applebee's to change things up

This looked like takeout and delivery for places with casual meals. Even though these ideas were not new, they had never made up such a large part of sales before.

CNN says that “off-premise sales” at Applebee’s more than doubled in the two years after the pandemic began. This information made the business more open to the idea of a drive-thru.

It opened its first drive-thru window last year in Texas, and Applebee’s president, John Cywinski, thinks that about 15 more stores will have them by the end of this year.

Both people picking up online items and people making deliveries will be able to use these.

Applebee’s isn’t the only fast-casual chain looking for new ways to order food. QSR says that Shake Shack opened its first drive-thru in December and plans to build 10 more this year.

During most of the outbreak, Chipotle didn’t offer drive-through service. However, the company now has hundreds of “Chipotlanes” all over the country.

At Applebee’s, executives and franchise owners hope that the new windows will appeal to customers who are in a hurry and encourage them to pick up their food instead of getting delivery, which can be more expensive for restaurants.

Cywinski told CNN, “We are in direct competition with [quick-service restaurants] and fast casual.”

FAQs About See Applebee’s Drive-Thrus Soon 

Why are there more Applebee’s drive-thrus appearing?

Applebee’s is expanding its drive-thru locations to meet the growing demand for convenient dining options.

Are all Applebee’s locations adding drive-thrus?

Not all Applebee’s locations will have drive-thrus. The addition of drive-thrus is specific to certain locations based on customer demand and market conditions.

What benefits do Applebee’s drive-thrus offer?

Drive-thrus provide customers with a convenient way to enjoy Applebee’s menu items without leaving their vehicles, saving them time and effort.

Can I order the full Applebee’s menu at the drive-thru?

The drive-thru menu at Applebee’s may be slightly limited compared to the full in-restaurant menu, but it will still offer a variety of popular dishes and options.

How can I find Applebee’s locations with drive-thrus?

You can check Applebee’s website, mobile app, or contact their customer service to find the specific locations that offer drive-thru service.

Are there any additional charges for using the drive-thru?

Applebee’s does not typically impose additional charges for using the drive-thru. However, pricing may vary slightly between dine-in and drive-thru orders.

Can I use Applebee’s gift cards at the drive-thru?

Yes, Applebee’s gift cards can be used for purchases made through the drive-thru, just like in-restaurant dining.

Do Applebee’s drive-thrus offer online ordering or delivery?

Applebee’s drive-thrus primarily serve customers who order at the drive-thru window. However, some locations may offer online ordering or delivery services as well.

Can I customize my order at the drive-thru?

Yes, Applebee’s drive-thrus usually allow for order customization. You can request modifications or special instructions when placing your order.

Are there any restrictions on using the drive-thru for alcoholic beverages?

As per local regulations, Applebee’s drive-thrus may have restrictions on the sale of alcoholic beverages. Check with your local Applebee’s to know their specific policies.

Can I use coupons or promotions at the drive-thru?

In most cases, Applebee’s accepts coupons and promotions for drive-thru orders. However, some specific promotions or limited-time offers may have restrictions.

Are there separate drive-thru lanes for pickup and ordering?

The drive-thru setup may vary between locations, but typically there is a single lane for both ordering and pickup at Applebee’s drive-thrus.

Are Applebee’s drive-thrus open late at night?

Applebee’s drive-thru operating hours may vary by location. Some drive-thrus may have extended hours, while others may have more limited late-night service.

Can I still dine inside if there’s a drive-thru?

Yes, even if a particular Applebee’s location has a drive-thru, you can still choose to dine inside the restaurant if you prefer.

How can I provide feedback or share concerns about the drive-thru experience?

You can contact Applebee’s customer service or provide feedback through their website or mobile app. They value customer feedback and strive to improve their services.

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