The Big Change That Might Soon Be Coming To Applebee’s

The Big Change That Might Soon Be Coming To Applebee’s

When Applebee’s first started, many people went there because it was fun and relaxed. At first, people went to Applebee’s for the bar deals and flat-screen TVs.

The Big Change That Might Soon Be Coming To Applebee's

Fans could relax with a beer and watch their favorite sports teams while enjoying the restaurant’s laid-back atmosphere. But the times are changing, and so is the casual dining business.

Nation’s store News says that the first Applebee’s store to have a drive-through will be in Texarkana, Texas.

The franchise owner in Texarkana is putting a drive-through window to his building so that customers can pull up and get their food.

The Takeout says that most drive-through orders and payments will be made online or through Applebee’s mobile app, just like regular delivery orders.

Customers will also be able to order over the phone and pay in person. If this works out in Texas, there’s a good chance that Applebee’s will use this store style in other places around the country soon.

Applebee’s menu prices ensure that you can enjoy a tasty meal without overspending.

The drive-thru will be joining Applebee’s other to-go options

If you don’t live near Texarkana, there are already many places where you can get Applebee’s To-Go and pick it up at the street.

Applebee's other to-go options

Customers can buy online or through an app. When they get to the restaurant, they park their cars in the marked curbside pickup area and tap the “I’m Here” button online, which tells Applebee’s workers that they are ready for their order (via Applebee’s).

The food is then brought out to the curb by an employee, so the customer never has to leave their car. The choice to pick up at the curb has been very popular.

Restaurant Dive says that 20% of Applebee’s sales in Q3 of 2020 came from to-go orders, so it’s not surprising that the chain’s franchise owners want to offer even more to-go options.

The coronavirus outbreak isn’t over yet, and many people are still avoiding close contact with others.

The drive-through is a great way for customers to get their food without having to interact with other people. Even after the pandemic is over, it will be hard to beat the ease of a drive-through.

FAQs About Big Change That Might Soon Be Coming To Applebee’s

What is the big change that might be coming to Applebee’s?

Applebee’s is considering introducing a new menu with healthier and plant-based options.

Why is Applebee’s considering this change?

Applebee’s wants to cater to the growing demand for healthier food choices and accommodate customers with dietary preferences.

Will Applebee’s still offer their traditional menu items?

Yes, Applebee’s plans to continue offering their classic menu items alongside the new healthier options.

What kind of healthier options can we expect to see on Applebee’s new menu?

The new menu may include dishes with more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins, as well as plant-based alternatives.

Will the prices of the new healthier options be higher?

Pricing details haven’t been disclosed yet, but Applebee’s aims to provide affordable and accessible healthier options to its customers.

When will the new menu be introduced?

Applebee’s hasn’t announced a specific timeline for the launch of the new menu, but it is anticipated to be rolled out in the near future.

Will all Applebee’s locations offer the new menu?

Applebee’s intends to introduce the new menu across its chain of restaurants, but individual locations may have some variations.

Can customers still enjoy their favorite dishes if they don’t prefer the healthier options?

Yes, customers will still have the option to order their favorite traditional dishes from the existing menu.

Will Applebee’s remove any items from their current menu to make space for the new options?

There is no official information about removing any existing menu items, but some less popular items may be replaced to accommodate the new offerings.

Are the healthier options suitable for people with specific dietary restrictions?

Applebee’s plans to include options that cater to various dietary preferences, including gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan choices.

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