How Much Applebee’s Franchise Owners Really Make Per Year

How Much Applebee’s Franchise Owners Really Make Per Year

Applebee’s is a name that people trust. The casual restaurant company is doing very well and is ready to grow when more restrictions because of the pandemic are lifted.

Applebee's Franchise Owners

According to CNN Business, the company thinks that its franchisees will gain directly.

Statista says that restaurant sales in 2020, when the pandemic was at its worst, were higher than in most of the 20 years before.

So, maybe getting an Applebee’s business would be a good way to make money.

Not that it’s easy to run a business, of course. Even though franchisees get many benefits from working with a well-known business,

They have access to the brand’s reputation, sophisticated advertising, and financial strength.

However, they also have drawbacks, such as less freedom to go in a different way and having to pay royalties often (via Forbes).

After looking at both sides, getting a piece of Applebee’s $4.7 billion in sales each year (through Applebee’s) might seem like a great chance.

What are the financial benefits of running an Applebee’s franchise, though, when you take into account costs like the large original investment?

When considering affordable lunch options, Applebee’s menu prices offer great value for your money.

Income can be high -after a massive cost

The Grubwire says that the average Applebee’s makes over $2.4 million in sales each year, which is a lot.

Applebee's Franchise Owners

But the average owner only makes about $310,000 profit from all of that money. And that’s before taxes and other costs, like a 4% royalty fee to Applebee’s, are taken into account.

So, the amount that Applebee’s franchisees make each year is going to be a lot less than it was before.

Franchise Business Review says that Applebee’s franchise owners of US stores that have been open for at least two years make $120,000 a year.

According to Applebee’s website, though, investors can set up more than one franchise. This means that operators can make more money by running more than one store.

Franchise owners also need to make sure they make enough money to cover their initial setup costs, which Franchise Direct believes to be between $2,009,201 and $8,266,730.

So, Applebee’s website says that potential franchisees must have a net worth of at least $3 million and at least $1 million in cash that is easy to reach. This is for a single store.

But franchise earnings can’t be too bad, since The Grubwire says that “franchising is a big part of the Applebee’s story” (via Applebee’s), which is the story of a company with nearly 2,000 stores around the world.


How much can an Applebee’s franchise owner expect to make in a year?

The annual income of an Applebee’s franchise owner can vary significantly based on numerous factors such as location, operational costs, sales performance, and overall management. While it is difficult to provide an exact figure, a successful franchise owner can potentially earn a substantial income.

What are the main factors that influence the earnings of Applebee’s franchise owners?

The primary factors that impact an Applebee’s franchise owner’s earnings include sales volume, customer traffic, labor costs, food and beverage expenses, rent or mortgage payments, marketing efforts, competition in the area, and the owner’s ability to effectively manage the business.

Are there any specific figures or averages for Applebee’s franchise owner earnings?

Applebee’s, as a company, does not disclose specific income figures for franchise owners, and there are no official averages available. Earnings can vary greatly depending on the specific circumstances of each franchise location.

Are there any additional costs associated with owning an Applebee’s franchise?

Yes, owning an Applebee’s franchise entails various costs beyond the initial franchise fee. These may include rent or mortgage payments for the premises, royalties based on a percentage of sales, marketing fees, equipment maintenance, staff wages, insurance, and other operational expenses.

Can an Applebee’s franchise owner expect to make a profit from the start?

While some franchise locations may become profitable relatively quickly, it’s important to understand that it often takes time to establish a customer base and achieve consistent profitability. Franchise owners should be prepared to invest time, effort, and resources into building their business before seeing significant returns.

What support does Applebee’s provide to franchise owners to maximize their earnings?

Applebee’s franchise owners receive initial training, continuous operational support, marketing tactics, menu creation, and access to an experienced network. This support helps franchisees optimize earnings.

Can franchise owners open multiple Applebee’s locations to increase their earnings?

Applebee’s franchisees can open numerous sites, which might boost their earnings. This option depends on location, financial capability, and the owner’s ability to handle many businesses.

Do Applebee’s franchise owners have the potential to sell their business in the future?

Yes, franchise owners generally have the option to sell their Applebee’s franchise if they choose to do so. The resale value of a franchise will depend on its financial performance, location, reputation, and market conditions at the time of sale.

Are there any financial requirements or qualifications to become an Applebee’s franchise owner?

Applebee’s franchisees must meet financial standards. These include a minimum net worth, liquid assets, and business management experience. The company’s franchise disclosure materials must be read for details.

Where can I find more information about becoming an Applebee’s franchise owner?

Visit Applebee’s website or contact their franchise development department for information on financial requirements, application processes, and support. They will supply the latest and most accurate franchise ownership information.

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