Applebees Desert Menu

Looking for something sweet and good to share? Applebees desert menu give you best desert for your craving.

When you look at the pictures of the desserts on Applebee’s Menu & Prices, it’s hard not to want to order them. Some of the items on the Applebee’s Dessert Menu prices are common, but the Salted Caramel Pretzels are one of the more unusual ones.

Applebees Desert Menu

Applebees Desert Menu

If you want something sweet to eat, go to Applebee’s. They make sure you get the best dessert to satisfy your sweet cravings.

On the Applebee’s dessert menu, you can choose from a variety of tasty desserts that suit your tastes.

Applebee is always looking to try new things and add tasty and fun desserts to their menu.

Applebee’s dessert menu has a great selection of sweet treats, including New Sugar-Dusted Donut Dippers, New Cinnabon® Mini Swirls, Brownie Bites, Blue Ribbon Brownie, Sizzlin’ Butter Pecan Blondie, and Triple Chocolate Meltdown®.

Dessert Price
New Sugar Dusted Donut Dippers $7.29
New Cinnabon® Mini Swirls $7.99
Brownie Bites $2.59
Blue Ribbon Brownie $7.59
Sizzlin’ Butter Pecan Blondie $7.29
Triple Chocolate Meltdown® $7.59

1. Applebee’s dessert menu-New Sugar Dusted Donut Dippers

Applebee's dessert menu-New Sugar Dusted Donut Dippers

The new dessert at Applebee’s is the New Sugar Dusted Donut Dippers.

Applebee’s Sugar Dusted Donut Dippers are perfect pillows of crispy, golden-brown dough dusted with powdered sugar. They are served hot and fresh and are ready to be dipped in delicious caramel and hot fudge dipping sauces.

There are 1520 calories in one serving of Applebee’s Sugar Dusted Donut Dippers. New Sugar Dusted Donut Dippers cost $7.29 each.

2. Applebee’s dessert menu-New Cinnabon® Mini Swirls

Applebee's dessert menu-New Cinnabon® Mini Swirls

New Cinnabon® Mini Swirls are the next dessert on Applebee’s dessert menu.

Applebee’s new Cinnabon Mini Swirls are made with Cinnabon Mini Rolls that have been fried until they are golden brown and crisp, then lightly dusted with cinnamon sugar and finished with a drizzle of caramel sauce.

Applebee’s New Cinnabon® Mini Swirls have 1620 calories per serving. Each of the New Cinnabon® Mini Swirls costs $7.99.

3. Applebee’s dessert menu-Brownie Bites

Applebee's dessert menu-Brownie Bites

Everyone at the group will love the Applebee’s Brownie Bites for dessert.

The Brownie Bites at Applebee’s are rich and delicious. Each bite is full of chocolate, but it also tastes like vanilla. The vanilla gives this dessert a strong flavour that goes well with the rich chocolate and creamy brownie.

There are 330 calories in one serving of Brownie Bites from Applebee’s. Each Brownie Bites will set you back $2.59.

4. Applebee’s dessert menu-Blue Ribbon Brownie

Applebee's dessert menu-Blue Ribbon Brownie

The next item on Applebee’s dessert menu is the tasty blue ribbon brownie.

Applebee’s dessert menu offers this super moist blue ribbon brownie with dark chocolate chunks, nuts & hot fudge. Big enough to share, comes with two scoops of vanilla ice cream.

One serving of Applebee’s blue ribbon brownie has 1430 calories. The price of a blue ribbon brownie is $7.59.

5. Applebee’s dessert menu-Sizzlin’ Butter Pecan Blondie

Applebee's dessert menu-Sizzlin' Butter Pecan Blondie

The Sizzlin’ Butter Pecan Blondie is a new dessert on the Applebee’s menu.

The new dessert is a Butter Pecan Blondie topped with cream cheese sauce and candied pecans. It is served hot with vanilla ice cream and more candied pecans on top.

The Sizzlin’ Butter Pecan Blondie from Applebee’s has 1040 calories per serving. A Sizzlin’ Butter Pecan Blondie will cost you $7.29.

6. Applebee’s dessert menu-Triple Chocolate Meltdown®

Applebee's dessert menu-Triple Chocolate Meltdown®

If you like chocolate, the Triple Chocolate Meltdown® on Applebee’s dessert menu is the best choice for you.

Enjoy this rich, moist chocolate cake that’s packed with Hot fudge is poured over a warm, rich, fudge-filled chocolate cake. with vanilla ice cream on the side.

Applebee’s Triple Chocolate Meltdown® has 850 calories per serving. Triple Chocolate Meltdown® costs $7.59.

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Final words

Applebee’s is a great place to go for lunch, dinner, and dessert, but my favourite part of going there is just trying all of their delicious desserts. I hope this list helps you figure out which Applebee’s desserts are the best the next time you want to order one.

FAQs – Applebees Desert Menu

FAQs - Applebees Desert Menu

These brownies are full of flavour and very rich. Each bite has a lot of chocolate and vanilla flavour in it. Rich chocolate makes the brownies creamy, and the vanilla gives them a strong flavour that makes this dessert so good.

Applebee’s blue ribbon brownie has 1430 calories per serving.

The new dessert is a Butter Pecan Blondie topped with cream cheese sauce and candied pecans. It is served hot with vanilla ice cream and more candied pecans on top.
Melt in 15-second increments in the microwave: heat the chocolate, stir it, and heat it again until it’s all melted. To make the desserts, put a scoop of ice cream on top of each lava cake.

There are nuts in a warm dark chocolate brownie. Comes with vanilla ice cream and hot fudge on top.

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