Applebee’s Beer Menu

If you want to hang out with your friends. Applebee’s beer menu has a wide range of beers to suit your tastes.

Applebee’s is great place to hang out with friends or group. You can take a break from your busy life at Applebee’s and enjoy a drink.

Applebees Beer Menu

Applebees is a popular restaurant chain in the United States that serves a wide range of tasty food. Applebees has almost every common American dish, like burgers, catering, salads, pasta, chicken, dessert, and more.

Applebee’s was initially intended to be a place for people who enjoyed friendly and cheap service. T.J. Palmer and Bill Palmer registered their restaurant after discovering another business had the same name.

They changed Appleby to Applebees. T.J. and Bill considered different words for their restaurant, such as Peppers or Cinnamons.

Decatur, Georgia, was the first Applebee’s to open. The following location would be in another city within the same state. Applebee’s owners would change, with Bill Palmer serving as President until W.R.

Grace purchased the rights to the company. Applebee’s has been in existence at over 1000 locations across the United States since its sale to W.R. Grace. In 1991, it was listed on the stock exchange.

Applebee’s would again be purchased by IHOP Corp (now DineEquity) for $2.1 billion in 2007.Applebee’s serves a wide variety of food but is most well-known for its burgers and pasta.

You can choose from a range of meat sandwiches, meals, beer, salads, dessert, non alcoholic beverages, and Fries are a staple of their sides. Applebee’s takes inspiration from many culinary regions and combines them to create delicious carbs, proteins, and sides.

The menu and food at Applebee’s are so popular that if you go there once, you’ll want to go back again and again.

Applebees Beer Menu

Applebee’s knows that their bar menu is a big part of why they are so popular, so in 2015 they remodelled many of their bars to add more TVs and make them a place to go to watch the game.

They also went along with a few trends, like the craft beer movement, which led them to add more taps.

Applebees is a great place to hang out with friends and drink a beer. They have a lot of different single beers and 6-packs. Blue Moon Light Sky , Bud Light , Bud Light Seltzer – Black Cherry , Budweiser , Coors Light , and Michelob Ultra are all available in 6-packs at Applebees.

Single beers are served in 12 oz. glass bottles at Applebee’s (except for Blue Moon Light Sky, which is served in a 12 oz can)

Applebees Beer Menu

Applebees single Beer Menu With Price

Beer Menu Calories Price
Angry Orchard 190 Calories $3.00
Blue Moon Light Sky 100 Calories $3.00
Bud Light 110 Calories $2.00
Bud Light Seltzer – Black Cherry 100 Calories $3.00
Bud Light Seltzer – Strawberry 100 Calories $3.00
Budweiser 150 Calories $2.00
Coors Light 100 Calories $2.00
Dos Equis Lager 130 Calories $3.00
Heineken 140 Calories $3.00
Lagunitas IPA 190 Calories $3.00
Michelob Ultra 100 Calories $2.00
Modelo Especial 140 Calories $3.00
Samuel Adams Boston Lager 180 Calories $3.00
Stella Artois 150 Calories $3.00
Yuengling Lager 140 Calories $2.00

Applebees 6-packs Beer Menu With Price

Beer Menu Calories Price
Budweiser 870 Calories $12.00
Modelo Especial 860 Calories $12.00
Lagunitas IPA 1140 Calories $12.00
Stella Artois 900 Calories $12.00
Michelob Ultra 570 Calories $12.00

And if you want something to eat with your beer, the Applebees menu has a lot of tasty appetisers like waffle fries, cheese bites, breadsticks with Alfredo sauce, nachos, queso dip and chips, quesadilla, tacos, boneless wings, pretzels and beer cheese dip, mozzarella sticks, and so much more!

Can You Order Applebee’s Alcoholic Drinks to Go?

At some Applebee’s restaurants, you can order alcoholic drinks to go. But there may be restrictions at the state or local level, like having to be 21 or older and order food. Beer, wine, and all of Applebee’s signature cocktails can be taken to go.

If you want to know about other alcoholic drinks at Applebee’s, you can read our article about Applebee’s drink menu.

You can get all of your favourite drinks from Applebee’s to go when you order for pickup or Carside To Go.

You don’t have to skip your alcoholic drink when you order takeout from Applebee’s. You can get anything from margaritas to wine and beer.

Not every state lets you order alcoholic drinks to go from Applebee’s, and each state has its own rules and requirements.

You can use Applebee’s  restaurant locator to find out if you can order drinks to go at your local Applebee’s.

Applebee’s Contact Information

Frequently Asked Questions

👉 Applebee’s Corporate Office Address– 450 North Brand Boulevard, Glendale,, CA 91203, USA

👉 Applebee’s Corporate Phone Number- 1-818-240-6055

👉 You can also contact the team of Applebee’s by using the contact form on their website.

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Final Words

Applebee’s is the place to go if you want to relax and enjoy a good meal and drinks. There are a lot of different things on the menu, so there’s something for everyone.

Applebee’s beer menu You can get a lot of different things to eat and drink in addition to beer, such as appetisers, burgers, sandwiches, desserts, pasta, seafood, and more.

FAQs – Applebees Beer Menu

FAQs-Applebees Beer Menu

Does Applebee’s have a drink menu?

Still, the bar has most of the classic beers, wines, and liquors that blue collar workers like, and it sells them at reasonable prices. This fits with the bar’s clear identity.

What is Coors Light Brewtus?

ABV 4.2% Coors Light (Golden, CO): Every batch of Coors Light is made with traditional two-row lager malt, which is made from our unique high country barley and four hop varieties. These are chosen because they have a delicate scent.

How many ounces is Applebees mega beer?

Custom Brewtus 20 oz. Pilsner Glass for Applebee’s | Wasserstrom.

Is Budweiser actually beer?

Budweiser is an American-style lager with a moderate amount of body, flavour, and crispness. It is made with the best malted barley and a mix of the best hops.
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